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Monday, May 10, 2010

Wonderful News – Localized Tumor

We received some amazing news, the bone marrow biopsy showed no presence of cancer!

Dr. Chang called us during his weekend off to share the findings. Since Aiden does not have metastatic disease we are moving forward with a 43-week chemotherapy schedule which will later incorporate radiation and may include surgery. Chemotherapy is used to attack cancer cells which divide very quickly. Normal, healthy cells – on the other hand – grow in an orderly fashion and replace old or damaged cells. Aiden’s chemo is being administered intravenously (right into his vein) to combat the rapidly-growing, out-of-control cells.

His regimen consists of three drugs: VinCRIStine, Dactinomycin and Cyclophosphamide – also known as VAC. The VinCRIStine and Dactinomycin are quickly pushed through an IV, while the Cyclophosphamide is administered slowly over a 60 minute period. Most chemo side effects, if any, appear about 10-14 days after the drugs are administered. Children are quite resilient, though, and tend to tolerate chemotherapy quite well – usually better than adults. Aiden had his first round of chemo Saturday night and has responded well to the drugs. We pray that he continues to tolerate these drugs over the 43-week course. I am very proud of my little man.

Currently, the more pressing matter happens to be Aiden’s respiratory condition, not his cancer. Aiden is still using the ventilator to breathe. His daily chest x-rays have not shown improvement since the day following his surgery (last Wednesday). The drainage from his chest tube slowed considerably so Dr. Askew decided to have it removed. Now we are trying to understand why the right lung is not recovering. Pediatric Pulmonologist, Dr. John Osborn, is performing a bronchoscopy on Aiden Monday morning. He will use a bronchoscope to visualize Aiden’s airway and hopefully uncover why the right lung will not expand. I pray that we discover the problem and are able to remedy it without difficulty.

We will continue to be in the PICU until he can breathe on his own. The doctors and nurses here have been amazing – they now feel like extended family. “Residing” in intensive care is not easy, but Chris and I do not want to leave our munchkin’s side. We have turned the window-seat and pull-out-chair into a makeshift bedroom, which suits us just fine. Honestly, I would sleep on the cold, hard hospital floor if it kept me close to my baby. Once we are in the Hematology/Oncology wing (when Aiden is breathing-tube-free), our living situation should improve a bit and hopefully we will be able to entertain a visitor or two. The PICU policy states only 3 people in the room at a time – since Chris and I are both here that leaves only one available space! Luckily the nurses have let grandmas and grandpas visits pretty easily, which is such a blessing – Chris and I have definitely needed them close during this difficult time.

As always, please keep Aiden in your prayers. I am certain that all of the praying thus far has contributed to the small miracles we are experiencing each and every day. Thank so much for your support. I have been reading all of your emails, messages, comments and texts every day and each communication truly touches my heart. I truly feel blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives.

Be sure to check out the website that Aiden’s Uncle Steve and Aunt April created (helpbabyaiden.com) as well as the prayer circle established by Aunt Lisa (Facebook: Aiden’s Prayer Circle). I want to also take this opportunity to thank my dear friend, Kere, for sending out emails, taking calls and putting together this blog.

Please continue to pray for baby Aiden.

Much love,
Leslie and Chris


  1. Praise God for the great report! We are just so thankful that the cancer has not spread. We'll continue to pray for your sweet Aiden, specifically that his lung issues would be resolved quickly. Love you guys.

  2. So glad to hear Aiden's first dose of chemo went well. We continue to storm heaven with prayers for that sweet baby boy each and every day. We will pray extra hard today that the procedure goes well and that Dr. Osborn is able to figure out what the next step is to getting Aiden off of the ventilator.
    Many hugs, kisses, positive thoughts, and PRAYERS being sent from FL.

  3. I have praying for your family since I first heard of the news last week. It was a great relief to read that the cancer has not spread but I will continue to pray for sweet baby Aiden during this difficult time. Leslie and Chris, your strength has been nothing short of amazing. Thinking of your family all the time!

  4. LaFone's say:
    We are so happy that Aiden's cancer has not metatasized. He is such a fighter. We keep him in out thoughts and prayers every minute of everyday. We will keep praying that Dr. Osborn will find nothing in little Aiden's lungs. One day soon we will meet Aiden. God has mad you two amazingly strong parents. Know that we love all three of you so much!

  5. I am so glad to hear every bit of positive news you are getting. He's a fighter and hopefully they'll figure out the respiratory issues quickly. I am sure he feels all of the constant love and attention you are giving him. Stay strong mommy and daddy! Sending so many prayers and lots of love your way! Aiden is thought of regularly.

  6. This is wonderful news! Prayer truly works! God has his arms wrapped around that little guy and he's going to keep him safe! I will continue to pray and keep you all in my thoughts. Lots of love, Lindsay

  7. Such great news that it has not spread into his bones, big relief to hear! While we await news on the lung issue, Aiden has been added to our church prayer list. You guys are awesome parents. The three of you are blessed to have one another.

  8. Oh, and the hospital said if I bring a cot to the hospital that they'll bring it to your room, would that be cool?