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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Diagnosis Pending : Sarcoma

Hi Again!

Aiden had his CT Scan at 3:30am and we didn't hear anything until about 11. We met with the oncologist and the conversation was very positive! There were three diagnoses they gave for what it could be. The one that they are pretty sure what it is is muscle cancer which is the most common type of this cancer they see. He was very optomistic about the outcome of what the course of action would be.

Right now, they are doing a bone marrow test to see if the cancer has spread to the bones. One of the tests will have results immediately and the other result will come back within 48 hours. They do not see any other tumors in the body besides this one, so that is very positive! It also is not in his lungs or his heart cavities so that is great too!

They do hope to at least get the chemo started on Friday. They are saying to expect for them to stay here for a minimum of a few weeks if not longer in the oncology department. As soon as I get the room number/address I will send that out.

It's still a little waiting game but seems like the answers will be back in a few days. But the news we have gotten has been the best we could have gotten so far, so that's great!! Spirits are better from the meeting with the oncologists and the doctors have so far been fantastic and very knowledgeable.

Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts and messages. I have passed all along to Chris and Leslie (it's keeping us busy transcribing them back and forth and helping keep the spirits up and laughter going. I joked I should start an album of some of the convo's going back and forth :-) )

Thanks to all of you! I will keep updating...

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