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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still Awaiting Port Placement

Mediport placement surgery did not happen yesterday. Chris and I received a call from Aiden’s Oncologist, Dr. Chang, explaining that Aiden needed a MRI to identify the original volume of the tumor. This is essential for radiation planning. Radiation oncologists use radiation beams to intersect at the tumor site or original area the tumor occupied. (We hope that the tumor has shrunk some due to chemotherapy by the time we begin radiation.) We are not yet certain of Aiden’s radiation schedule but we do know that we will be traveling to Boston so that he can receive proton beam radiation therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital. Proton beam radiation is especially importation for young pediatric patients because the radiation dose can be more precisely localized which helps reduce scatter. Aiden may receive 6 weeks of radiation therapy (5 days per week), but as I mentioned before, we have yet to confirm all the details. Dr. Chang wants Aiden to be a bit older and have a few more rounds of chemotherapy before we start radiation.

Since his MRI occurred mid-day yesterday we were not able to get him into the operating room for surgery. He is on the schedule today for port placement and may head to the OR around 6:00 this evening, but we are still awaiting final confirmation. This should be a very quick procedure and we hope to extubate following surgery while he is in recovery. If he gets out of surgery too late, though, we will have to wait until tomorrow morning to remove his breathing tube.

Following extubation, we will have to address Aiden’s medication dependency. Aiden has been on quite a few medications for sedation and pain so we will be weaning him off those over the next couple of days. If all goes well, we may be heading to the hematology/oncology floor tomorrow or this weekend!

Over the past couple of days, a few people have inquired as to whether Aiden will need surgery to remove the tumor. At this point in time, we are sticking to the chemotherapy/radiation regime. His tumor is a solid mass and is very vascular in nature (heavily endowed with blood vessels). If we were to go in now and remove it, bleeding would become a concern. During Aiden’s first surgery, he ended up getting a transfusion because he had already lost so much blood. We do not want to knowingly put his body in that position again. It is best to shrink the tumor down and discuss surgical options later.

The power of prayer and positive thinking is amazing! Thanks for keeping Aiden in your hearts. We will continue to keep you all updated. Also, keep your eye out for several fun events coming up this summer to celebrate the strength of my little fighter.

All our love,
Leslie and Chris


  1. Leslie & Chris,

    You guys continue to amaze Dan and me. The best thing you can do is to arm yourself with as much information as possible in order to make the best decisions for Aiden; just as you are doing. It sounds as though the doctors at Fairfax are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and have great bedside manner. We continue to pray for your family and extend our offer to help with anything at all. You have an amazing support system through friends and family - don't forget to lean on us all. We love you guys & look forward to hearing that Aiden has been moved to the Oncology dept. We can't wait to able to visit you guys!

    God Bless,
    Dan & Lisa

  2. Chris and Leslie,

    We want you to know that we are here for you always, we love you very much, we want the best for Aiden, and we pray for his recovery. Please let us know if you need anything at all.
    Grandaddy and Candy

  3. Leslie and Chris,

    I am hoping that you guys are spending time catching up on all of the snuggling you have missed out on! Awaiting another positive update on Aiden!

    With lots of Love,


  4. Chris and Leslie,
    I am Tiffany Coots..I'm Lynsie Murphy's cousin and I wanted to offer up my prayers for your little boy! He certainly is a strong little fighter and I admire you both for being such strong parents for him. My family's prayers will remain with your family!
    Much love,
    Tiffany Coots and family