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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Beginning of Our Journey - Photos

Our sweet Aiden pre-surgery only a couple days after arriving at the hospital
(IFH Pediatric Med/Surg)
Mommy enjoying her very first snuggle post extubation
Daddy holding his little man after many days in the PICU
Our first smile session after extubation
"Hey, Mama, puppy and I are trying to sleep!"


  1. Leslie and Chris..Aiden is absolutely amazing! Seeing the pictures of his smile and snuggling with mommy and daddy brought tears to our eyes! What a lil champ! We are keeping Aiden in our prayers! Your strength continues to amaze me! We love you guys! XOXOXO

  2. Beautiful, sweet baby boy! What amazing parents, I'm thinking about you all the time.

  3. How incredible Leslie. Brought tears to my eyes. He is such a sweet boy! xoxox

  4. made me tear up here too! He is such an adorable little guy. Leslie, the photo of you holding him is BEAUTIFUL! Love you all and thinking of you a lot.

  5. hi leslie,

    i was a few years ahead of you at centreville, in sandy and christy's class. the deveys are my second family and meghan filled me in on your sweet baby boy. i know how scary this time is (my 10-month old nephew fought a difficult battle with leukemia last year; he's now in remission!). i just wanted to let you know i am thinking of your family and praying for baby aiden.

    laura (tomasulo) magid
    durham, north carolina

  6. Chris and Leslie - Aiden and you guys are in my family's thoughts and prayers. NOthing is better than having your little one look up at you and smile.

    -Scott and Heather Beman

  7. Ed Choo (Mary Tobin's friend) said...

    Our Peter was born @ IFH in 1994, had central line in 1998 @ IFH and later medi-port @ IFH too. The IFH is the 2nd home to him and our family. Believe it or not, Peter had 696 bags of transfusion (172 RBC + 524 platelets) + 3 PBSCT + TBI + 90+ rounds of chemotherapy + clinical therapy at MSKCC & CHOP. What I can tell you is this. "Stay positive & don't give up!" God bless Aiden, his mom & dad. w/ love.

  8. These pictures are so sweet, brings tears to my eyes. I am so glad that you both were able to hold and snuggle with baby Aiden, he looks like such a happy baby!! He is such a little trooper:)