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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Week in Review and Fundraising at Cici's Pizza

Aiden received his Vincristine treatment this past Monday at the clinic. It was a simple IV push and only took a few minutes to administer. Despite the swift appointment, Aiden was not a happy camper. Teething mixed with an upset tummy made for a rough afternoon and evening. The Irinotecan that he received Tuesday through Saturday of last week is known to cause gastrointestinal upset and most likely contributed to Aiden’s queasiness.

Tuesday proved to be another difficult day for my sweet boy. The trooper that he is seemed to shine through, though; Aiden was able to muster smiles and hugs for mommy and daddy in spite of his sour stomach. Chris and I did make the decision to take him to Inova Fairfax Hospital’s Emergency Room that night. He was not keeping anything down and we did not want to chance dehydration. As usual, he won over all the nurses and ER physician right off the bat. He received a bolus of fluids as well as some intravenous nausea medicine. Soon his tummy settled and he quickly drifted off to dreamland. Mommy, however, had to make the long trip home sans any form of caffeine.

When four o’clock neared, baby was tucked snuggly into his pack-in-play while mommy laid in the adjacent bed watching her sweet boy sleep.

Wednesday was a much better day for Aiden. He was feeling more himself and played, explored, cooed and giggled throughout the day. In addition to playtime, a steady nap schedule helped everyone catch up on some much needed shuteye. Grandma Tobin was also a huge help as she accompanied us to the hospital and helped Wednesday while we all tried to recover from a long, sleepless night.

Wednesday evening, Chris attended the fundraising event at the Falls Church Cici’s Pizza. We had a huge turnout and cannot even begin to thank everyone who attended (as well as those who were there in spirit). The simple act of having people share a quick meal in honor of our boy truly warmed our hearts and recharged our spirits. A handshake, hug – even a reassuring glance – offers such comfort. I know that I have said it before, but it is awe-inspiring to experience such an outpouring of love for our child. Thanks to everyone for coming to Cici’s and we hope that you all will be able to make another fun event or two – we have quite a few coming up this summer because of all of our amazing, event-planning friends and family. We also want to thank the hundreds of people who are praying endlessly for Aiden. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please feel free to share his story; the more prayers the better. Lastly, a huge thanks is owed to Mrs. Sarah Mainer for organizing the event and to the management at the Falls Church Cici’s Pizza for allowing this fundraising opportunity. THANK YOU!

(See all Cici's Fundraising Pictures on Aiden's Prayer Circle Facebook Page - link at bottom of this post!)

Aiden is looking forward to his weekend. If weather permits, we will be taking numerous walks around the pond. He loves looking at the quack-quacks (aka,: ducks, geese, really any bird-like creature residing in the nature reserve that is our backyard.) We will be sure to take plenty of pictures. Thanks again for reading the blog! Be sure to check back again soon.

God Bless,

Leslie and Chris

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  1. I hope the weather holds up so you all can enjoy some sun and fresh air with that beautiful boy of yours.

    Thinking of you
    Lisa Zabawa

  2. I was with you in spirit at the fundraiser. I'm so happy that Nathan, Mary, Tyler and Campbell were in attendance. We hope to make it to one of the fundraiser's, but your family is in our prayers. You are also on the prayer list of Cameron United Methodist Church and Preschool. Aiden is a real trooper, but then again he comes from excellent stock. God has blessed Aiden with some pretty special parents. God Bless you All!
    Deborah Crump & Family

  3. Such sweet pictures of Aiden. I love thinking about him watching the birds around the pond. Thank you for the updates. Stay strong and please let me know if you ever need ANYTHING!